Photojournalistic Wedding Photography in Boise Idaho

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Some "Q" and "A" that may help you plan for your wedding:

Q? What is your photographic style?

A. I can be described to be one or more of the following: photojournalistic, candid, creative, or perhaps documentary.  I'd like to believe that my style is adaptive and changing.  ...basically I want to excel.  I want my photos to be telling... gripping.

Q? Are the images black/white or color?

A.  I shoot all digital. If I see an image that is black and white, then I take liberty in creative license and deliver it b/w.  I have had brides want all images in b/w.  There are pluses and minuses to both but I shoot both so let's just say the bases are covered.

Q? What is your experience with wedding photography?

A.  How many weddings? Over 150 from Shawn alone.  How many years?  Shawn has shot over 12 years full time as a professional.  That in and of itself isn't really that important I'd have to say. Remember those lousy teachers we had in school that had been teaching since the dark ages.  Well, just because they've taught forever doesn't mean they are good.  I certainly have a lot of experience, and I would hope that I'm comfortable and creative shooting weddings.  The question I hope you'd really want the answer to is, are the brides you photographed happy?  the answer is yes!  Are the shots I take surpassing what expectations are?  Yes.

Q? Will you have other weddings that weekend?  

A.  No, yours will be the only one.

Q.  Are there tripods?

A. Sure,  sometimes, but not often.

Q.  Do you use flash?

A. Yes, sometimes.  

Q.?  How do we book you as our photographer?  

A.  $250.00 retainer saves the date along with a signed contract.  The retainer is non-refundable.  

Q.?  Where is home?

A.  We live in the treasure valley of Boise Idaho. 

Q? Can we get digital files?

A.  Yes, that is one of the options available and if you choose that option then you will have full use and release to print those images at your leisure.

Q.  How long after the wedding date is everything posted online and when will I receive my DVD?  

A.  Everything is posted 4 weeks after the wedding, oftentimes much sooner.  Shawn hates to say one week and have it be two.  Are they full resolution files?  Yes, your DVD is full Rez!

Q? What kind of equipment do you use?  

A.Fuji cameras and lenses, mirrorless.

Q. Is your style obtrusive?

A.  I try to blend in and be a part of the day.  People say how much fun it was to have us at the wedding and how hard we worked.  They will say, "you were everywhere"!  

Q? What do you do in case of emergencies?  

A. We have a 3 team staff.  

Q? How much is overtime?

A.  Wurldpix doesn't charge by the hour, we charge by the event.  All weddings get full day coverage so I guess overtime is free!

Q.?  Can we have some engagement photos taken?

A.  Yes, if that is included in the package option of course.  Because we travel to locations internationally we don't always meet our brides prior to the actual wedding day.  That said, we do all that we can to meet your specific needs and desires.  If you want an engagement photo session, yes we can do that.  

Q?  Do you travel?A.  Yes, we travel.  Wurldpix covers all local travel costs and accommodations.  If the wedding is out of town, the Bride may agree on paying for travel costs including but not limited to airline, lodging, transportation and food.

Q? How are you dressed? A. If you want us to wear a tie, well then we wear a tie.  If you tell us to dress down, then we dress down.  We work for you.  We want you to be happy!

Q?  How about Albums, Prints, and ALA CARTE items? 

A.  The wedding is posted online and all your guests and family can order prints ALA CARTE from there.  Depending on the package you have chosen, you will receive albums.  One package may include My Publisher albums, while another may include an executive leather bound album.

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