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Shawn David and his staff

Andrew True, Shawn David, William Clarke in Boise Idaho

Shawn David is an American photographer that calls Boise Idaho home.  These other two guys in this photo are Andrew True and William Clarke.  They are a team and they make people happy by taking great pix.  Shawn's background is in athletics and coaching, and he brings a unique perspective to the age old craft of photography.

Shawn say's "I have found that my favorite focus is people. Yep, taking pictures of just plain, regular, people that are exceptional deep down.  I mainly shoot weddings, portraits, and some editorial work and I strive to not just be good at what I do but my goal is to be great."

"It all started back in 1985", says Shawn, "when I bought my first camera at a pawn shop in Boulder, Colorado on the "Hill".  Those were in the days of 35mm film and you had to wait to get your results back from the lab days later... I remember asking the man behind the counter, "...what are all these rings and knobs for on this camera?"  He said, "... all I know is put film in here that says 100ASA, put this thing on 125 shutter speed, and this ring  on f16 and you'll do just fine."  That was an old Yashica.  Since then I've shot Hasselblad, Canon, and now I shoot mirrorless Fujifilm "X" cameras and lenses."

A Lifestyle/documentary style is Shawn's approach and it is not top secret or patented but his results will speak for themselves.  Shawn says "...there are plenty of photographers that boast in their experience and say that it matters. What matters is whether or not you've learned from those experiences... hey let those images speak for themselves."

If Shawn is not sipping an espresso he will be out taking photos.

Here is a Youtube introduction of Shawn David.

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